Top 10 Christmas Scents

Perfumes are the perfect Christmas gift. We’ve collected for you the most glamorous ones. If only you could smell them!

Text: Mariannie Samara

During Christmas –a period when we all feel a bit more romantic- we feel the urge to give to our beloved ones something that will make them feel unique and special. It is proven that scents create emotions. Also, they involve in decision making, as far as love affairs are concerned. That means that they play a great part in our personal life. And that is why when we decide to give a perfume as a gift, we have to consider the person’s character and aesthetic in order to please them.

Whether it’s a fragrance with delicate scent, or a more girlie with flower notes or even a more spicy and mysterious one, there is a perfume that suits you best! And we must not forget that they come in artistic bottles that make them seem even more appealing.

1.Bound No 9

Emerald Shooting Star



Love in Black



Gianni Versace Couture- Limited Edition Luxury Fragrance 





5.Tom Ford

Jasmine Rouge, eau de perfum



Interlude Woman






Lalique Da Lalique


9.Yves Saint Laurent

La Collection In Love Again, Swarovski edition


10. Byredo

Black Saffron


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