M.E(AT) in the City

”There is no sincerer love than the love of food”. George Bernard Shaw


Text: Marina Zamzara, Eleni Fotopoulou



“The belly rules the mind” says a Spanish proverb so this week we decided to explore a little bit what has this city to offer concerning food. Our standards were high: the places that we propose to you, not only have they a very inviting menu, but they are very special from a designing aspect as well. So, let’s eat!


First Stop

Our first stop was one of the best Italian restaurants in Athens. Cosa Nostra at Monastiraki is a typical trattoria. Everything here resembles to an old italian place where the Mafia gathers underneath the nose of the Police and take the oath to omerta. You can be literally lost with all the delicious choices of Cosa Nostra: pizza, pasta and the finest italian recipes, all here to pamper your palate. Dio mio! A special environment with excellent food and really good service.


Cosa Nostra, Agias Theklas 5, Monastiraki



Second Stop

From Italy to New York. New York Sandwiches became very popular since it opened its doors. Original sandwiches from the Big Apple with pastrami and bagels with salmon were there waiting for us. The sandwiches were huge and very different from what we are used to here in Athens. The place is small but resembles to american dinners which is pretty amazing at least the first time you visit New York Sandwiches. All in all a good place to have a fast launch and go back to work!

New York Sandwiches, Sinopis 5, Ampelokipoi


Third Stop

Our final destination for this week’s fattening stroll was Trapezaria. This small restaurant is very much of industrial design, without losing though some traditional inspirations. The name -meaning dining room in Greek- shows clearly the eating philosophy of the place: Greek modern cuisine in an environment that reminds the big family banquets every Sunday. Back to the food, which by the way is divine, you have to select between many choices, more or less gourmet, with humorous names. After all, this friendly and funny environment is what makes you come back!

Trapezaria, Theodrou Negri 1, Makriyianni


Bon appetit!