Ensemble is always better

Backstage in front of creation at its best: at 4FS, fashion equals art

This year’s 4FASHIONSHAKE V of April was held again at Pallas Theatre and FWBVK joined the crew of this avant guard fashion event. The connection between fashion and art, which was this year’s challenge, is something I have learned ever since the very first day at workshop. Fashion equals art. Or at least, it should try.

OZON magazine, the big organizer of this peculiar fashion/arty scenery named the fifth 4FS “Ensemble”. Together is always better, it’s true. Many artists participated, among them the designers Six Lee (excellent show, perfectly tailored menswear), Digitaria, Yiorgos Eleftheriades and fashion photographer Mara Desypris. Workshopaholicshelped the Greek designer and his trustee-stylist Nicholas Georghiou, prepare the models for the show. Leather, suede, gazar and knit were the main materials of Eleftheriades’ designs. The total black outfits, the wedges but also the XL coats were some of his collection’s must-have.

Highlights of the evening –backstage at least- were the guest “models”, photographer Mara Desypris and fashion editor of Vogue Hellas Michael Pandos who wore a remarkable pair of shoes named… “Mitsos”, for which I cannot reveal more!

Sotiria Stavropoulou, photos: Nikos Bibas

You can watch the mini interview of Yiorgos Eleftheriades here