I wish upon a star!

Christmas time and Santa Claus is coming to town!!
Who doesn’t love the feeling of warm wishes, hugs, love and kisses? I surely DO!
Cakes and candies, your favorite treats, beautiful gifts and the peaceful moment when you open your eyes and you can share all that with your favorite people in the world!
X’mas is all about sharing and caring, having each other, dreaming, singing, eating lots of sugar waiting… for Santa!
He means the world to all of us. He is the symbol of hope and expectations!
Talking about expectations, lets all remember, in these difficult times that it was never about quantity but about quality!
Quality of our dreams, thoughts, aspirations, ethics and just like that, we can conquer all. So let’s team up!

The photoshoot of HELLO magazine, out this week, is a message of strength, courage and determination of the 7 year old Diana.
My little princess  conquered it ALL! She fought for her life and she WON! I am humbled and astonished by her integrity and maturity.
I will always admire, respect and take my hat off to  the children of “Make A Wish” and I promise to do anything in my power to serve them!

Never forget, never neglect the power of a Wish!

Here is to Health, Love and Knowledge!

Happy Christmas



Ps: Love you my princess D.

Backstage, with make up artist Stellar

Haris Christopoulos giving the last touch

At the party we did for Make-a-Wish Hellas

Photographer: Haris Christopoulos

Make up & hair: Stellar

Styling: Anna Zazia