Parisian stroll #4 Xmas Edition

Let them eat couture cake and drink champagne!

Text: Christina Zikou


What’s a festive dinner without a dessert of wonders? For the season Christmas – New Year 2013, the Maisons of Haute patisserie such as Ladurée, Pierre Hermé, Fauchon and Dalloyau have presented the defilé of sweet alchemies, nestled in snow-white layers of chocolate, hazelnut cream, nougat and macadamia nut. Roasted almonds, raisins and red fruits meet Bourbon vanilla cream, Mont-Blanc, lemon curds and tree trunks in a spectacular way, introducing the palate into the dreamy dessertland. Delight yourself with fashionable Yule logs, high-design cakes or ice-cream festive trees…


The Marie-Antoinette Yule log, Laduree

Snowy mountain Yule log, Arnaud Delmontel

Matchstick cake, Jean-Paul Hevin

Yule log, Hugo & Victor 

Crystallized Yule log, Fauchon

The Mont-Tricot Christmas cake, Chez Bogato 

Cubist Christmas cake, Cyril Lignac 

Christmas tree, Patrick Roger

Buche Lenotre by Wilmotte

Cake of the Mountains, Pierre Herme

The Cadeau O Merveilles cake, Dalloyau


Christmas cake, The Grande Epicerie

To celebrate in French style, try pairing your festive dessert with a chilled flute of the iconic champagne Moët & Chandon, which has been founded in 1743. Create an unforgettable experience, turn the ordinary into extraordinary, share your love and raise a toast to a generous year!

Merry Christmas!