Profile in Style: Lou Doillon

When style meets that certain Parisian je ne sais quoi…

Text: Christina Zikou


Famous for her unique looks, big smile and unconventional style, the daughter of Jane Birkin and Jacques Doillon started her acting adventure at a very early age. She has participated in more than ten movies, including two short films for Vanessa Bruno and has also appeared in our beloved Gossip Girl. Her atypical beauty and sense of style gave her the key to the fashion world as well. Born with creativity, this charismatic Parisienne enjoys walking down the runway, playing the role of muse for Anthony Vaccarello or Riccardo Tisci, and lately, expressing herself through writing lyrics, playing the guitar and singing.

What we love most about her multi-faceted personality is her approach in terms of fashion styling. Natural, energetic and enthusiastic, paired with a vintage twist and an innate elegance. Do you want to know her fashion tips? She only has one and we couldn’t agree more…

“Find your own tips, they’ll always be better than other peoples’… Know yourself, have fun reinventing every day, there are no limits to your imagination. Nothing is sexier than confidence in your own style. It’s only for you, forget about what the others may or may not think.”