The fairytale must-haves

Inspired by the latest fairy-tale shooting we did with Vicky Kaya especially for Christmas and our unforgettable Fashion Wonderland party, here we present you the holidays essentials that will make you feel like being the star of a fairy-tale book.

This is what Snow white and the Witch chose to wear!

Silk, embroidered jacket and silk embroidered tulle skirt, Celia Kritharioti Haute Couture.

Crown made by the students of Fashion Workshop by Vicky Kaya

Velvet beaded cape Konstantinos Melis by Laskos

Pumps with crystals, Kalogirou

Satin beaded dress Atelier Loukia

Red pumps Sotris

Lace collar made by the students of Fashion Workshop by Vicky Kaya

Peep-toes Kalogirou