A Christmas Pop-up store for boys, girls, ladies and gentlemen.

Text: Kris Desypri

For second year in a row the pop-up store PLAYROOM#2 open its doors for Christmas presents. A collection chosen from BETTINA gingerly from Europe, America and the internet, for you and your beloved ones. The best destination if you have very little time and lots of gifts to buy. You can find all kind of things for all kind of persons, for boys, girls, ladies and gentlemen. Brands like Comme Des Garcons, OMMU, Comme Des Fuckdown, Sing Sing, Elena Syraka, Zolotas, Forfex, Hipanema and more are here to fill your gift bags with treasures like clothing and jewelry, or even cooking herbs and body care.
From Saturday 22/12/12 for a week PLAYROOM by BETTINA and The PLATFORM is waiting for you.

Enter from Anagnostopoulou 29 and from Pindarou 40
Opening Hours: 12:00-20:00