The Talented Mr. Zorpas

Text: Maria Meintani
Photos: The gentleman blogger

I can’t stress enough how much I adore men who take their style into serious consideration. Given that, I couldn’t resist contacting Matthew Zorpas, an absolutely stylish young man, in order to learn a bit more about him.

Matthew is a brilliant 24-year-old guy, coming from Cyprus but living and working in London as a creative consultant; his job is mainly focused on communication strategies and creative collaborations for independent brands and he has also worked as a contributor editor at Filep Motwary’s blog  Un Nouveau Ideal  for five years. He also happens to be a lecturer at Istituto Marangoni, where he teaches Luxury Management – quite an accomplishment for such a young man, don’t you think?

Creating his own space in the blogosphere was a matter of time. The Gentleman Blogger was born based on a simple idea: “I wanted to make the process of becoming a gentleman available to everyone to see and follow” he says.

Matthew describes his style as “Dapper British with a metropolitan touch” and I couldn’t agree more. He has a preference for young generation designers, as he loves researching and discovering new talents every season. Some of his favourites are Six Lee, Ross Williams, Liria Pristine and the Cypriot Marios Alexander. He also concerns Farida Khelfa to be the ultimate female fashion icon, as he finds her personality “really unique and naturally beautiful”.

I know that most men do not take styling tips into account but guys, if I were you, I’d surely follow Matthew’s advice. The fact that he was voted as the 2nd Best Dressed Man in Britain by Esquire Magazine would be a crucial factor. His suggestions for you? Do change your white shirts often. According to Matthew, “White shirts are basic pieces for each gentleman’s wardrobe but they tend to get dirty very easily so be careful”. You should also own a nice pair of shoes and matching socks.  Generally speaking, don’ t try too hard. Simplicity always works.

As for the future, Mr. Zorpas does not have dreams, he has plans. A collaboration with Armani Exchange is already en route and he is also going to work on a project with Gucci in 2013.

For a bigger dose of stylish awesomeness you can check his personal website here and also make sure that you follow him on Twitter @MatthewZorpas