The top 10 cook-books for Christmas

Text: Monika S. Kwiecien

Santa Claus is coming to town and we have the chance to share our love with  family and friends. Presents make us happy and the delicious Christmas meals make us happier! Impress your guests and their palates, by following step by step the advices from the book of your choice, because we are presenting you the best, even for the most demanding tastes.

10. Veggiestan: a vegetable lover’s tour of the middle east. Shally ‘s Butcher second book. Owner of Iranian Deli in South London she decided to create a book for all the vegeterians out there.


9. Couture Chocolate – A totally fashionable title for a book, chosen by William Curley. William shows us step by step all his secrets, from how to make a delicious chestnut to enviable brownies. Mr. Curley grouped into sections his recipes with names such as Truffles and Filled Chocolates’, Patisserie, Chocolate Ices, Drinks, Sauces and Spread -in that way easier to choose what to prepare. Enjoy!


8. 101 Gourmet Cake Bites – “You’ve seen them in bakeries, you’ve tasted their sugary sweetness, and now you can make your very own gourmet cake bites, cake balls, and cake pops right in your kitchen! And starting from a cake mix, these recipes are so easy you can make any day a special occasion!” Wendy’s Paul book description says everything that you need to know about her cake recipes.


7. The classic Italian cookbook by Marcella Hazan. The book describes how to make our own pasta and gives us great italian directions about salads, antipasta foods, deserts, fruits and cheese courses.


6. Christmas Candy Book – Dessert expert Lou Seibert Pappas is giving tips to all of you about sweet decoration, serving, wrapping and storing. English toffee, marzipan piglets… over 40 recipes can take us to the realm of desserts.


5. Scandinavian Christmas – Trine Hahnemann wants to celebrate Christmas in the Scandinavian way, 70 recipes (!) for cocktails, lunches and dinners. Duck and pork, fish, ham and seasonal vegetables can be delicious in just a few steps… when its cold outside it’s a great opportunity to cook!


4. Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals – Jamie Oliver had a great idea, he decided to show us how to be creative, and prepares a tasty meal in just 30 minutes. Everything you need especially when you are busy on Christmas!


3. How To Bake – This is going to be your best friend if you like biscuits, cakes, bread, ciapata, croissants and baklava too! A really useful book by Paul Hollywood.


2. Thai Food – Special flavors very far from Europe in your plate. Australian chef David Thompson in one book shows you how you can make your own Thai and impress everyone!


1. Dinner At Mine The perfect vision; 1 hour, 6 people, 3 delicious courses. Annie Nichols gives you the right steps to make it! Tempting menus with varied recipes are waiting to make them yours.