VisualBlender: La Baba

Text_Illustrations: Markos Andriotis

Photos: Iliana Alexandrou, Markos Andriotis


No matter how great something turns out to be, it all starts with an idea. And in this case it was Nicholas Georgiou’s idea: La Catherine Baba to host our Christmas Party. Within the next hours Vicky had managed all the details, and I found myself, a few days later, with a driver and a limo waiting at the airport La miss Baba!

When La Baba said ‘Kate’ or ‘Steven’ it took me some time to get it… I lately discovered that she was referring to (Kate) Moss and (Steven) Meisel.

The best part: Vicky Kaya actually proposed I showed her the city! (excitement x1000)

After the conversation with the workshopaholics at NEW Hotel, we had lunch with Vicky at Papadakis restaurant. (I was sitting with Vicky Kaya and Catherine Baba, and since I also have -currently- baby blue hair, all eyes were on us). Then, an injection of Helmut Newton’s exhibition followed and after that we took a long walk at Monastiraki market to find these adorable rustic dolls Baba’s mother wanted so.

Baba, who is all about the ‘diviiiiiiine darling’ and ‘j’adoooooore’ is living a life based on her strongly conscious direction. She is exactly who she wants to be and that gives her the power of the choice. She is embracing her differences and stands out of the crowd with no fear. It’s all about the power of the personal truth, as she said to me. When I look at her, she reminds me of the infinite options I have. VisualBlender’s mission to discover and accept our individuality couldn’t agree more with La Baba!

Viva La Baba!