Party at the Fashion Wonderland!

Black & white photos: Iliana Alexandrou.

Photos: Despina Isopoulou


Following our fashion “Fashion Wonderland” story, we were more than ready for our much anticipated Christmas party to begin!

Fashion Workshop was transformed in an enchanted forest by Fay Vallidis, one of the best interior decorators in Athens, inspired by the dreamy photos of Tim Walker.
An exquisite VIP fashion crowed was there to celebrate with all of us the success of our blogzine, together with our guest of honor, theworldwide known stylist and fashion icon Catherine Baba!
Sweet surprises  by KAYAK, a full open bar by SMIRNOFF and Johnie Walker and a DJ set by the amazing John-John set the place on fire!

It was an amazing party and we would like to thank you all for coming!

Special thanks to our great sponsors, Vodafone & Nivea.

A fairy-tale display inside the Fashion Workshop

Vicky Kaya arriving at the party

Vicky Kaya & our guest of honor Catherine Baba


Costas Voyatzis & Vicky Kaya

Catherine Baba & Paris Lykos

Yiorgos Eleftheriades, Yiorgos Mo & Anna Zinchenko

Genevieve Majari & Catherine Baba

Vicky Kaya with Dimitra Kostaki

Raphailos Desypris & Alexandra Kaya

Alex Kavdas

Gaia Deligianni, Iliana Kormali, Sophia Karagianni and Katerina Goumopoulou

Fotis Sergoulopoulos with Vicky Kaya

Pericles Condylatos, Eleni Stasinopoulou, Vassilis Emmanuel Zoulias

Christianna Gargaropoulou, Yiorgos Maraskas and Yorgos Mesimeris

Genevieve Majari & Anna Zinchenko

Models Aggeliki & Muriel in Celia Kritharioti gowns

Sotiris Georgiou, Paris Lykos & Alexandra Spiridopoulou

Vicky Koulianou with Dimitra Kostaki 

George Malekakis & Petros Dellatolas

Nicholas Georgiou together with Jeff Gyzis, Katianna Tsotakou, Eleni Papastavrou, Maria Tzavara and Christianna Belba

Mariaflora Papapanagiotou

Xanthippe Parts, Maria Samara and Ioanna Karagiorgou

Eleni Fotopoulou

Vicky Kaya and Konstantinos Tzahas

We surely danced our hearts out!