Profile in Style: Caroline Issa

Not the typical “high profile” style icon Caroline Issa, makes us love her with her down-to-earth and chic perception of fashion.

Text: Ioanna Karagiorgou


As the executive fashion director of Tank Magazine, she was swapped from finance into the front row. Management consultancy is hardly the sexiest of industries. Its affinity with fashion would appear to be restricted to the odd 80s power suit. For Caroline Issa, however, the two are infinitely connected.

Born in Montreal to a Chinese mother and a half-Lebanese, half-Iranian father, she combines brains with a very multi-cultural beauty. Having a degree in business from Wharton, she took a job at a consultancy firm in San Francisco. Clients in the consumer brand sector converted her into a globe-trotting business advisor (she has lived in Seattle, Texas and Singapore) until she was introduced to a company called Tank, which was producing a quarterly magazine in London. Flying from finance to the front row was an easy move: “After a few years as a consultant, I was ready to make decisions rather than just research and advice. Plus, I wanted to get back to an industry I loved (I spent a summer in Milan at seventeen – I was a terrible model!) but in a position where I could have an input”.

Now Caroline devotes her time to a wide range of projects. She’s the executive fashion director of Tank, editor-in-chief of Because magazine (a digital fashion start-up) and fashion director of the Tank Form consulting agency. In the meantime, she leaves an unfailingly chic sartorial footprint on street style blogs worldwide. Her style has definitely been influenced by those projects and her background, as she combines subtle sexiness, with dynamic pieces.