The divine Catherine Baba in Athens

Text: Sophia Karagianni

Photos: Iliana Alexandrou


14th of December, 12:30 p.m: A mysterious woman suddenly showed up crying out «daaarling» -so typical of her, as we found out later. She was a star, a genius woman with such grace, elegance and theatricality in her movements and her very own unique style. She was wearing stretch bodysuit, a vintage kimono, a turban and a pair of high-heels Christian Louboutin boots with fringes. Among her brilliant accessories was a pair of very long earrings designed by her. Une fille un style.  Amazed by Catherine’s Baba aura the interview began.

The Australian born and Paris based stylist Catherine Baba is a woman with truly original style. She has been characterized as one of the most fashionable and eccentric stylists in Paris. She has worked among others for Chanel, Givenchy, Balmain, Emanuel Ungaro and has been a stylist and consultant for several fashion houses and designers. Catherine Baba has also collaborated with multiple international magazines, such as Vogue Japan, Vanity Fair and Dazed and Confused.


There is no doubt that Catherine Baba has a strong sense of personal style. She believes that there are no discriminations in fashion. «Everyone can wear anything in order to capture one’s mood, as long as it is not boring». She also mentioned that fashion is a fascinating job but very tough at the same time and needs a lot of hard work in order to succeed, «if you like things easy, this industry is not for you».

Catherine Baba adores accessories -belts particularly- kimonos, and turbans. According to her, vintage clothes carries a philosophy, they have a story to tell. She is crazy about shoes because, in her words, «shoes take you where you want to go». Travelling is one of her loves along with black-and-white silent movies and, although she doesn’t like acting, she has taken part in some movies.

Since she is an insomniac from the age of five, she decided to live and watch rather than get back to her bed. She has been a restless mind ever since that doesn’t like to compromise.  Catherine Baba always goes against the norm, seeks adventure and defies danger.

Towards the end of this fascinating interview, her advice to us was that style is personal and must be created based on one’s personality. We must express our creativity, be curious, observe and listen to everything around us. She encouraged us not only to work hard but also to rediscover the child we used to be, in order to move forward in this industry.

It is worth mentioning that Catherine Baba was our special guest in the Fashion Fairytale Christmas Party organized by «Fashion Workshop by Vicky Kaya» that took place on the 14th of December. In this more relaxed and fairy atmosphere we admired Catherine in her fabulous costume and appreciated her outgoing personality even more. It was truly an honor for all of us to meet this fashion icon. Thank you for a wonderful day!