M.E in the City

“And, like this insubstantial pageant faded,
Leave not a rack behind. We are such stuff
As dreams are made on; and our little life
Is rounded with a sleep” (The Tempest by Shakespeare)

Text: Eleni Fotopoulou, Marina Zamzara


Needless to say, this week we are in a fairytale mood, especially after last night’s IntoTheFashionWonderland Christmas Party. Great inspiration for a different kind of stroll around the city, don’t you think? We present you the most fairytale places in Athens…


First Stop

Downtown, there is a bar that has taken its name from a man that sold his soul to Devil in exchange for unlimited knowledge and power. In Faust the darkest dreams come true, as the place seems to resemble old horror films. As gothic as it should be, the three-story bar houses unique performances, theatrical & musical, that always take aback the audience.

Faust, Kalamiotou 11& Athinaidos 12


Second Stop

Romantic fairytales with princesses and charming princes come alive at Petit Fleur. The small chocolaterie at the centre of Athens with the retro decoration and the jazz music –which, by the way, is reproduced by a pick-up player– is the ideal place to take your soulmate and have a nice, full of romance evening, drinking hot chocolate and tea. Petit Fleur offers you a variety of unique flavors that are going to fascinate your palate.

Petit Fleur, Omirou 44, Athens & Plateia Agiou Nikolaou, Chalandri


Third Stop

By its name only your mind creates images of blossomed woods where beautiful fairies live. The stone walls, the small retro tables, the cute yard create a dreamy scenery. The neoclassical building where Menta is housed was the residence of the great poet Aggelos Sikelianos -it couldn’ t be less than romantic, right?

Menta, Agion Theodoron 10, Kifissia