Karl is here

The famous designer welcomes us to “the world of Karl”, clarifying that he does not like to deliver his own description, he is never happy with himself and he is nothing more than what everybody sees. He admits that he is very patient and he spends much time on people, which often makes him late to his appointments. “I was born three weeks later than my mother thought. That’s my drama!”. Fashion was something he always wanted to work on. In his time though, the world of fashion seemed very distant. “For a child from Germany like me, fashion was completely another world, something we did not know, like the stars”.

Therefore, he does not complain and he does not consider himself a victim of the system. The secrets of his success are hard work and a descent life. “I do not drink, I do not smoke and I do not take drugs”. He hates the word “muse” and he finds it very limited. “I like to be surrounded by girls who are inspiring and I cannot give only one name when I am asked about my muse”. Every woman’s attitude, spirit and approach to life and fashion, are the elements that fascinate and inspire him. He realises that today everything is about technology and change, which is very exciting for him. “Everything I had known before, interest me more than everything I have seen in my life”. He pursues his every day to be perfect as he believes it is up to him only to accomplish that. “There is no perfect day. It is up to you to make every day as perfect as possible. It is a matter of will and discipline”.

Moreover, he tends to improvise accepting everything the way it comes, but always in a professional manner. “I do my collections with instinct. Being myself it is not that difficult”. The “KARL” line’s mission is to shake up our wardrobe with a fierce new look. It is the definition of effortless cool and since it is all about Karl, we love it. “A white shirt, a pair of jeans and a jacket, are the three basic things that everybody and any gender needs” Karl said, and this is the context his new line is based on.

Christina Roussou