Dirty curl: Clean glance at once

Text: Dirty Curl

Its Saturday 6 am, I have just returned, I feel really sleepy and today I have had the Smokey eyes.

And there is nothing that can stop me from cleaning my face just before I go to bed.
If you think it’s hard to be gentle -especially with your eyes- when tired read below.

The most perfect eye make up removers I have performed.

1. Olive oil. Suitable when sleeping over, conditions lashes as well
2. Vaseline. If you are ok with the thick oily texture, Vaseline will instantly
remove any make up. Even waterproof.
3. Baby shampoo. Gentle, perfect for sensitive skin
4. Baby wet wipes. Easy and practical, can be carried everywhere.
5. Eye make remover. The ideal clean up for your eyes. Suitable for people who
wear contact lenses.

Good night!