ME in the city for a good cause

Text: Marina Zamzara, Eleni Fotopoulou


Christmas, apart from the beautiful ornamentations, the lights and the cozy feeling, is all about helping those in need as well. Arogi Foundation found a way to involve us all to the charity spirit by making it pretty exciting!

From the 3rd of December till the end of January, you can go to various bars of the city and ask for the Arogi Cocktail. For every of that special cocktail, 1 euro goes to Arogi Foundation for helping children, families and elder people in need.

Here we present you three of the bars that you can visit and drink the special cocktail of Arogi:


First Stop

The Tiki Bar is situated in the most romantic place of the city, at the foothills of Acropolis. As soon as you get in, you easily understand what is all about; where else have you seen in this city a crazy place like that with 50s and Hawaiian decoration? Tiki is a unique bar that exists
also in other european cities. It opened 4 years ago as the first exotica bar and since then it shakes up things with its groovy music!

Tiki, Falirou 15, Acropoli


Second Stop

Alobar at Chalandri is another place that you can drink, helping Arogi. Situated at the crowded pedestrian area of Chalandri, Alobar is a famous cocktail bar that gathers people from all around Athens, who know how to live it up. We loved the funk-soul beats!

Alobar, Thoukididou 7, Chalandri


Third Stop

Klouvi Bar -nice name ha?- is situated at the neighborhood of Petralona. Nice choice for a breezy night without too much preparation, that’s the Klouvi Bar. It’s the ideal place to have a cocktail after a hearty dinner at the traditional tavernas of the neighborhood.

Klouvi Bar, Kidantinon & Dimofontos 57, Petralona


So… Cheers to Arogi!!!