Summer intensive

What will you do this summer?

FWBVK goes intensive. A demanding course is to be introduced on July 3rd including Fashion Styling and Fashion Journalism syllabuses. In two to weeks time, those interested will have the opportunity to learn about the History of Fashion and Costume, the History of Art, Fashion Journalism, the History of Photography, Fashion Terminology, Fundamentals of Makeup and Fashion Illustration.

The Summer Intensive Course is to take place from Monday 2nd July to Saturday 14th July. The duration of each workshop will be 9 hours per day – including lunch break- from 10:00 to 20:00.

Summer Intensive Course includes:


– 36 hours “History of Styling & Costume”

– 24 hours “Fashion Journalism”

– 12 hours “Fundamentals of Photography and History of Photography”
– 12 hours “History of Art”

– 4 hours “Fundamentals of Makeup & Makeup through the decades”

– 4 hours “Fashion Illustration & Magazine Lay out”

– 4 hours “Fashion Terminology in English”


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