Décoratrice: Color Combinations no1

What about giving some color to the “boring” grey?


Text: Antriana Paraskevopoulou

In the last week’s post I revealed to you my love for pastel colors. Today, I’m trying to combine one of these pastels, with a quite “boring” color; grey. So what do you think of the grey and soft pink combination in some of the rooms in your home? Use it in the right way and… boom! The neutral color of grey will instantly warm up with a touch of soft pink.

In the following pictures you can enjoy the most lovely, playful and relaxing color combination!


 Plaza Interior


Photographer: Line Klein


Silke Bonde


Watt &Veke


 Sarah Foote Pillows


Photographer: Line Klein, the lovely pink lamps are from Studio Snowpuppe


 Plaza Interior