Top 10 Silkstone Barbies

Text: Kelly Desipris

  So what if I’ve grown up? I’m still and will always be a girl who loves her dolls. I just moved from the more childish commercial Barbies to the collector ones. And they do live up to a collectors’ standards!

Robert Best, graduate of Parsons School of Design, is responsible for Barbie’s “all dolled up” fashionable self, since he’s been designing her clothes and looks for Mattel for almost 20 years now. Classic lines and Haute Couture creations signify his style, as is evidenced by his models for the Silkstone Barbie.

The Silkstone Barbies, also known as Fashion Model Barbie Dolls, have really become popular amongst collectors in the 21st century. With their really strong features, eyes, hair and makeup, they bring out a truly vintage feeling, even though their production only started in 2000! Every year a few selected models are launched, always dressed in the finest garments and detailed accessories.

As Christmas time approaches, I’m sure any woman, younger or older, would be thrilled to see one of these beauties underneath the Christmas tree! So without further ado…I give you my top 10 of vintage Silkstone Barbie dolls!



Muffy Roberts
A new “new look” by Robert Best!


Palm Beach Coral
Palm Beach Beauty with handpainted corals and beaded details.


Afternoon Suit
The perfect afternoon look for a proper lady!


Party Dress
2012’s release of the party dress.


Walking Suit
Waist jacket, pencil skirt and a headpiece equals the ultimate chic ensemble.


An Haute Couture dress is always welcome and Robert Best does it best!


Significant Parisian glamour in royal blue polka dot dress!


Preferably Pink
The absolute essential suit and skirt and the bag we’ve all dreamed of…preferably in pink!


Russian luxury, fur and brocades for this stunning redhead…she just made it in my wishlist!


Grace Kelly
The iconic actress and princess (does it get any better than this?) in a chiffon dress inspired by “To Catch a Thief” movie. (Really, does it?)