Music iD: Haim

Text: Yiota Dendrinou 

Este, Danielle and Alana. Three sisters, who made everybody believe that they are the next best thing in the music scene for 2012, started their career alongside their parents with a family group for a couple of years. As children who were growing up in the 90s, their sound is clearly influenced by that era, but their music has also been characterized as “folk with R&B beats”.

Danielle has toured with the Strokes frontman, Julian Casablancas, a little after she graduated from high school, but now she plays only with her 2 sisters. Haim released their first, three-song EP Forever in the beginning of 2012 and NME rated with 8/10. In the music video, the sisters paid tribute to the 90s girl group Destiny’s Child and their dance moves.

The girls say that they share a common closet but each one has her own style. Este’s inspiration derives from the film Selena and, especially, Jennifer Lopez’ style in the movie, which constituted of bustiers and long skirts. Danielle’s style is more tomboyish with shirts and skinny jeans, whereas Alana is more keen on cutoff shorts with T-shirts. Their unique styles lead them to be interviewed by ASOS magazine. Check the video below for the backstage of the photoshoot.

A few days ago they released their new single Don’t Save Me and now they are touring in the UK with Florence and the Machine. In the past, they have also toured with Mumford and Sons and apart from Britain, they have played in many different cities, like Paris, Berlin and Reykjavik.

Haim have been included in many acclaimed magazines, such as Nylon Japan, T Magazine by The New York Times, NME and recently they were on the cover of The Guardian Guide.

Each girl, enjoys being in a band with her sisters and this is obvious, especially in their concerts. Danielle states that: “With one look, we know what the others are thinking.” But, being a girl on tour is hard, so Este shared the band’s secret with and you can get some of her tips here.