Text: Monika S. Kwiecien

“I always hated my eyebrows, because people took the mickey out of me at school. So then my mum took me to this American woman, well-known for doing the eyebrows of famous people, and we three sat down until they had convinced me that they weren’t ugly. And now I like them.”


Born on the 12th of August 1992 in United Kingdom, the dynamic Leo Cara Delevigne in just about two years became one of the girls that everyone talks about. When you are the granddaughter of the former English Heritage boss Sir Jocelyn Stevens and your father is a property developer, probably you would be able by that age to presume upon your familly’s fortune in not a right way. But no, Cara show us that she’s a girl with a lot of targets and dreams to fulfil in the future.

After signing up with Storm agency, she first appeared in the Burberry campaign last spring, a job which she admits that changed her life and just a few months later she posed for her first cover in British Vogue. Until today, she counts 9 covers -the last one for I-D magazine- and if you are not already impressed, Chanel, Zara, H&M, Blumarine, Jones jewellery and Clark originals chose her to be the face of their brands too.

After many years of professional running, she has built an amazing body and legs, a fact that is reinforced by Victoria’s Secret decision to add her in the Angels family. In a crowdy backstage full of anxiety it might be a pleasure to work with her, someone may think after taking just a look at Cara’ s funny pictures.

One should also admit, that transforming from a cool uptown girl with a bubbly personality, into an editorial fashion queen in magazines, is really striking! As a true fashionista, Louboutins are her favourite shoes, because they are simple and sexy ”even if there are a little bit uncomfortable”. Collecting in a separate closet over fifty(!) pairs of sneakers, she loves skinny jeans, t-shirts, jackets and hats. Music seems to be a passion for Cara, while she has drum set and few guitars…

If you are asking what is she doing when she is not on the catwalk, she likes to sleep, play with her Xbox and take polaroid pictures with her camera. Becoming an actress is a dream that will also come true for Miss Delevigne in September, in Anna Karerina’s movie, playing a princess along with Keira Knightley in the role of the enemy. She describes her experience lovely and generally “who’s afraid of Virginia Wolf” is the most interesting character for her. Azealia Banks, Cara’s best friend, is her inspiration because of her “down to earth” profile -this is why “think before you speak” is her favourite quote.


If you are wondering why I gave the title monster to Cara, this is because that’s what her grandpa used to call her and maybe he is right, because the upcoming british fashion icon at the age of twenty managed to become one of the most influential people in Britain and gives us no reason to doubt about it, right?

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