Observer: What F stands for…

Text: Christianna Belba

Silence on the set. Action.

Now what F stands for is Fuction, Film and Fairytales. So far so good. Marc Jacobs in a broken ice castle-inspired setting, praised the very real and respectful long gone Anna Piaggi. His collection was amazing, alike his extraordinary inspiration. And after a while was his Louis Vuitton show, in which he presented the very famous -by now- train, ready to take off and travel in the luxury we all dream of. Could Mary Poppins be the inspiration? Definitely yes.

Jason Wu took the Shanghai Express while Donna Karan showed the Blue Angel movie in the runway.

Marc Jacobs 

Louis Vuitton

The setting at the Louis Vuitton show 

Jason Wu

Donna Karan

The Function part involves the remarkable Balenciaga comic sweatshirts that were well received in the fashion world, as they were the hit of street style along with the Kenzo ones, that placed the house back in our hearts.



F streetstyle 

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