M.E in the city

Text: Marina Zamzara, Eleni Fotopoulou

Do you feel bored and unable to cheer yourself up because of the cloudy weather? Do you have much free time but no idea on how to spend it? Well you do not have to worry anymore because M.E in the city girls have made a short list of the places you shouldn’t miss on the upcoming weeks.

First Stop

“Party like a Hollywood star” at the Bat City bar on December 1st! DJ Dr. Love and Mariza Crash play AOR, hard rock, glam and sleaze rock and hair metal music just for you guys.

Bat City, Leof. Alexandras 11, Athens


Second Stop

For jazz lovers there is no other place than Half Note bar. For more than 33 years, the jazz bar is the ultimate choice for those who would like to have a drink along with jazz music. Famous artists from all over the world like Danny Richmond, Monty Alexander Steve Lacy and Lou Donaldson have given special performances, making you feel like a real flapper girl of the 20s.

Half Note Jazz Bar, Trivonianou 17, Mets 


Third Stop

Last but not least, the successful musical “Fame” developed and conceived by David De Silva is ready to hit the stage by thirty six Greek talented artists at Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Centre. Premiering on December 12th, stay tuned and feel alive again!

Fame teaser:

 Fame Musical at Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Centre, Peireos 254, Tavros