Tales of Milan

When the windows of the designer houses in Milan take us to a land far, far away…

 Text_Illustrations: Mary Giatra
Photos: Aggeliki Giatra

Fashion has always used the tools of architecture in order to complete its vision and tell a story. Creativity and imagination are the basic elements and it seems that the windows of shops in Milan have got what it takes to impress us and carry us away. The Italian capital of fashion and luxury is only a couple of hours away by plane and has always been one of the most favorite destinations for fashionistas around the world.


There is a whole philosophy behind the setting of a window display but the ultimate goal is to catch the viewer’s eye and make him want to enter a fantasy world. Each window acts as a unique work of art and when you walk through the streets of the city you certainly feel like you are in an open-air gallery.


Exquisite lights, impressive colors and structures, flowers, chandeliers, cages are all there completing the beautiful clothes and accessories. An irresistible combination of drama, luxury and design is there waiting for you. Won’t you let it allure you?