Paloma Casile’s Awarded Lingerie

French undergarment designer Paloma Casile won the first prize as a young creator at the 2012 Dinard’s Festival, for her provocative designs.

Text: Maria Ioanna Dagari

“Dream’in Lingerie” By Paloma Casile from Jonathan Liberto on Vimeo.


Twenty-two year old Casile creates eccentric underwear pieces and presents them to us through a unique video by Jonathan Liberto. Tattoed girls with flowers in their hair are relaxing, wearing nothing but long sleeved laced bodies and elaborately designed garters, paired with high heels.

Having recently graduated from Esmod University in Paris, Casile uses chain as detail in her works and constructs body pieces that can be worn as accessories.

You can find Paloma Casile and stay updated with her work here.