Together we stand

When our school joins forces with one of the best magazines in the world, we just have to celebrate. And boy did we celebrate!

Friday, November 23rd, 11 a.m. at the Fashion Workshop. Fifteen students from both Styling and Fashion Journalism workshops arrive all dressed in black. The energy is high.
Expectations are grand. Innovation is here!

Creative collaborations are not new to the workshopaholic’s ideal. The students learn about team work and unity from day one and in this case particularly everybody is very excited.

Marie Claire magazine, besides being very stylish and modern, it always takes initiative and helps young people who think outside of the box. A brand new i-pad application will be launching in December and guess who’s on the cover: We are!

My darling workshopaholics along with me, are super excited about their first amazing photo shoot. Together we have a big announcement to make. For the first time ever, a Greek magazine creates an i-pad application which will be called “Mussa” and will work as an independent magazine for the tablet lovers.

From this December, I will be navigating through the amazing possibilities of the Marie Claire application. I become Marie Claire’s muse and with my students, we posed in front of Thanasis Krikis’ camera.

Together with Thanassis Krikis

Either dressed in black standing in front of our white canvas or captured during the workshop’s every-day life, my girls and I celebrate this unique collaboration and invite you to high-tech fashion. Watch us during the process and prepare yourselves for a wonderful fashionable and a state of the art experience.




During hair & make up by Hara Papanikolaou


Nikos Koustenis, Thanassis Krikis, Penny Ioannidou and Vassia Crhysanthopoulou

With my kiddos, Eleni & Spiros

Galatia Laskaraki and Hara Papanikolaou give the last touch 

In front of Thanassis Krikis’ camera


Till next week!