Preen’s Double Face

Text: Sophia Karagianni

«We always think of our work as a hybrid, we combine things that don’t necessarily match» Justin Thornton

Optical illusion is the feeling we get from the fashion show of Preen Fall 2012 Collection. The guests of the show saw one creation as the models were walking down the runway and another as they walked away. This caused confusion to everybody in the audience, even to photographers since one take was simply not enough, as if there was a magic touch on the catwalk: botanical flowers and butterfly prints in the front and bold colors and more strict lines in the back.

No doubt that Justin Thornton and Thea Bergazzi, the designers of Preen have their very own and different point of view. They managed to gain respect around the globe with the label Preen, starting from a tiny shop in Notting Hill’s Portobello Road, in London, with their designs now stocked in over 35 different countries worldwide. Drawing inspiration from Victorian era scrapbooks and abstract expressionists, for the Fall 2012 collection Thornton and Bergazzi crafted a set of clean and cool silhouettes, different combination of fabrics in the front and back of their clothes with collage-like prints, giving double face lines as a continuation of their signature designs. Photos speak from themselves so you can draw your own conclusions. Enjoy!