Christian Lacroix Returns to a New Home

Text: Christina Zikou

Photos: Getty images,

It is said that the most wonderful things happen when you least expect it. As I was wandering around the beloved Parisian district of the 6th arrondissement, I discovered a treasure near the place Saint-Sulpice. The famous French House Christian Lacroix has returned to Paris with the opening of a boutique trapped “into the body” of an ancient print house, welcoming a unique compilation of ready-to-wear items, furnishing, accessories and stationery. A mix & match nest where the baroque references juxtapose luxurious elements, creating a modern aesthetic with a twist. Among the amazing findings, you’ll come across the famous chairs of the Brazilian designer Rodrigo Almeida, designed in collaboration with Sacha Walekhoff, creative director of the House.

Rodrigo Almeida and Sacha Walekhoff

Save the date, November 24th. Vintage pieces from the Fall/Winter 1985-1986 Jean Patou collection are put together for a very special sale at the Hôtel Drouot. Take a look at some of the extraordinary pieces designed by Christian Lacroix, creative director of the House at the time. Intrigued? I guess so… But I’m warning you, I’m willing to fight over the kimono!


Info: Christian Lacroix “Mix & Match’’ Boutique: 2-4, place Saint-Sulpice 75006 Paris. To hit the auction, go to Hôtel Drouot, 9 rue Drouot 75009 Paris, 14:00 Paris time.