M.E in the City (of Chalandri)

Text: Eleni Fotopoulou, Marina Zamzara

M.arina suggested to dedicate this week’s M.E in the City at Chalandri, the place to be these days. So we went (with our friends) and here’s what we did:


First stop

Ctalin it’s not a new book about the notorious communist leader; it’s the new bar at Chalandri that managed within some months of operation to evolve to a hot spot for those who want something unpretentious, cool and noisy at the same time. The vintage furniture, along with the industrial aesthetic, creates a very particular atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re home with your friends. Not to mention about the spirit’s prices that, as one my friends said, are probably the only communistic elements in that bar!

Ctalin, Agiou Nikolaou 2, Chalandri


Second stop (or “one drink is never enough”)

Ctalin was only the beginning of our night. Having finished the first drinks, we went to another famous bar of Chalandri, Maimou. Hidden at the pedestrian area, where the heart of the city beats lays, Maimou is renowned for its cocktails and its great jazz music. With spotlights above the bar, you can’t do anything else but be blown away by the bartenders’ shaking techniques that create impressive and delicious cocktails. So, do visit Maimou, because we promise you will have an unforgettable night!

Maimou, Thoukididou 7A, Chalandri


Third stop

After lots of drinks, we got hungry (ehm, Eleni got hungry to be precise –sorry my friend). The best way to end an amazing night is to eat something… sweet. Melouk opened just a few weeks ago and its concept is pretty original: donuts & cocktails together! Melouk is an all day café bar that serves from sweet and salty donuts and other delicious appetizers to cocktails. We went there and ordered sweet donuts and… our second cocktail for the night! 

Melouk, Kolokotroni 5, Chalandri