Color of the fall

Text: Maria Ioanna Dagari

In case that you are one of those you forget about vivid colors when winter arrives, the new color trend, known as “bottle green”, will make you get rid of black and greys that haunt our wardrobe and give a
twist to your fall looks.



We have seen it numerous times either at street-style or runway photos, paired with brown, white or even gold. It is the perfect color for a dress or coat and it can give that little extra something in a simple outfit.

In Phillip Lim’s latest fashion show, it was matched with an electric blue pair of pants for an eccentric result.

3.1 Philip Lim


Chanel & French Sole

Alexander Mc Queen



Bottle green, the color which is most associated with the street name signs in the United States, can be also used to decorate our nails throughout this season and that is why many beauty brands have
launched nail lacquers in this color. My personal favourite is one by American Apparel’s beauty line, it is called “Hunter” and you can order it online here.


American Apparel nail acquer & Saint Laurent Paris clutch bag

This dark shade of green is perfect for any occasion, day or night. It really compliments redheads although it can be worn easily by anyone who wants to upgrade and give a splash of color to their outfit. Have fun rocking it!

Tilda Swinton in total green