Architecture: An Architect’s Steps

 Oscar Niemeyer, the Brazilian legendary architect of modernism, celebrates his one hundred and fourth birthday with a unique collaboration with his coeval… Converse.

Text: Mary Giatra

The famous buildings of the architect are considered to be as classic as Converse’s sneakers. Both sides share a common passion for the creative expression and Converse is now joined artistically by Niemeyer, who is called upon to redefine five classic designs of the company.

Respecting the history, he does not employ blatant references from his work nor does he alter the shoes dramatically. Instead, he keeps the basic design principles and uses the absolute white, soft beige and bold red. In his architecture, he excommunicates the rigid straight line and with a handwritten poem about the freedom of the curve he decorates the timeless shoes.

Elegant, modern and entirely personal, as his architectural work, the new Converse sneakers will was released in a limited number in the Greek market in mid-November.

The Cathedral of Brasília

Parque do Ibirapuera Auditorium, Brazil

Oscar Niemeyer

National Congress of Brazil, Brasília