M.E in the City

Text: Marina Zamzara, Eleni Fotopoulou

This week, the M.E went to the theatre… Here are some interesting (and stylish) plays we totally recommend you.


First Stop: Chicago

The musical Chicago, written and played in Broadway in 1976, is the new talk of the town. With a famous director, Mr. Stamatis Fasoulis, and a glamorous cast at the leading roles, Chicago couldn’t be less than a rich production, very appealing to all the theatre lovers. As former workshopaholics and styleadmirers, we spotted the beautiful costumes by Ms. Deni Vahlioti that reminded us all we learnt about the 20s lifestyle: just emancipated girls who wanted to have fun by any means. Spirits, although prohibited that time in the U.S, lots of smoke and a sin city -literally- compose the atmosphere of the renowned play. Don’t miss it!

Pallas Theatre, Citylink



Second Stop: When Nietzsche Cried

In absolute contrast with Chicago, the play When Nietzsche Cried is a strong, well edited play which focuses on the actors work on the stage, putting aside the glamorous costumes and decoration. The actors give life through this play to Irvin Yalom’s book which in fact is a discourse between Freud, Nietzsche and Breur, three figures that signed the relation between existentialism and psychotherapy. The scenery and the costumes by Ms. Eleni Manolopoulou are minimal in order to underline the strong connection between the lives of the three men. Definitely a life changing play, which ends soon so you’d better run!

Thisseion Theatre, Tournavitou 7 Thisseion


Third Stop: Drunk Sinatra

And what’s best after a really good play? A drink at the most popular bar of Athens. Sinatra is drunk. No it’s not a joke. Drunk Sinatra is the new hot spot and it is crowded with beautiful, young and stylish people. Drunk Sinatra is a funky bar with 50s & 60s decoration – of course there are photos of Frankie- and that’s the reason of its success. Well, the Drunk Sinatra cocktail may be a stronger reason…

Drunk Sinatra, Thiseos 16 Athens


Stay tuned for the next stroll!