How lucky is lucky?

In my case I can’t help but remember the day my phone rang
and at the other end someone proposed me to star on my favorite
musical “THE PRODUCERS” by Mell Brooks!
OMG I thought… I can’t really do this, can I? Play Ulla, dance and sing?

No way!

So I thought a meeting with the director of the play, Stamatis
Fasoulis and his colleagues, would convince them that I was not
suitable for the part!
And the inevitable happened…I walked into the theater, felt the
red carpet under my feet and approached the stage… My heart raced
when Mr Fasoulis shaked my hand and said please sit down.
Before I knew it I started rehearsing to become the Swedish beauty
who sings and dances and falls in love with Leo Bloom!

What can I tell you about the two most magical years of my career?
I was blessed to work with the most wonderful cast, who took
the best care of me, I was guided by the most loving and important
greek director of our times, Stamatis Fasoulis, and I learned so much
about who I am and how deep I can feel!
The opening night was a frightening but liberating moment for me.
This is it… I said to myself… don’t look back… just Do it!

I will never forget and I will always cherish
my short but magical experience on stage!

My students are going to watch the musical “Chicago” on
Thursday November 15, with the amazing Tania Tripi, Smaragda Karidi,
Antonis Loudaros, Konstantinos Markoulakis and Marinella!
Chicago at Pallas theater from 27/10 till 09/12. Direction: Stamatis Fasoulis. Set design: G. Gavalas, G. Mourikis. Costume design: D. Vachlioti.

Don’t miss it!

Find here photos from two shootings I did when I was working on that play!

The first one was for FAQ magazine by photographer Christos Karantzolas and the other for Nitro magazine by Mara Desipris.