Text: Yiota Dendrinou

Back in 2008, Rolling Stone introduced Foals as a breaking artist and “a buzzy act that digs funky African grooves and is more than willing to rock a house party”. Their debut album Antidotes was about to be released and they had already made an impact in the indie music scene. Balloons, Red Socks Pugie, Olympic Airways and Cassius are some well-known singles from their first work.

The group constitutes of frontman Yannis Philippakis, who is of Greek and South African decent, guitarist Jimmy Smith, bassist Walter Gervers, keyboardist Edwin Congreave and drummer Jack Bevan.

Their second album was released in 2010 and it was titled Total Life Forever. Band members stated that it sounded “like the dream of an eagle dying”. The first single was Spanish Sahara, a song worth listening to that was also included in trailers for many TV shows like Entourage, Skins and Outcasts. All in all, the album was nominated for Mercury Prize and gained critical acclaim.

When they headed to Australia to record singles for their next album, the band members was actually living together- on and off the road- and guitarist Jimmy Smith told the online magazine Coup De Main that “It’s just like touring with your family, it’s nice.”

Foals’ music videos are always created by their friend Dave Ma and many of the group’s artwork is also done by their friend Tinhead.

On October 2012, the group announced on their facebook profile that on 11th February 2013, their anticipated third album Holy Fire will be released. The first single was played in the radio only a few days ago and it’s called Inhaler.

Singer Yannis Philippakis told NME: “We really wanted to do a free and fun video that drew on our extended family that was in keeping with some of our previous videos. At one point during the filming of the video, we were playing and Dave just started shooting fireworks at us. It’s that kind of freedom that you wouldn’t normally get on a video, mainly because it’s illegal.”

Foals will make a short tour on November and December and for those who are interested they will also perform on Royal Albert Hall on 28th March 2013. Now, that we have already taken a small token of the upcoming album, the only thing to do is wait patiently to enjoy their whole work in the months to come.

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