Observer: A.n.g.e.l.o. Vintage

Text_photos: Christianna Belba

Pure Italian Angelo Caroli talked to fashion bloggers this Friday about his Vintage collection, his work or as he called it, his passion that eventually became his work. I have the strong belief that people tend to be excellent at their work only if they really enjoy and love it. This is how I felt when Angelo sat with us and brought out his story.

His collection started at the age of 17, when he used to sell vintage pieces to his friends. His friends loved them but their mothers hated him for selling “old” stuff to them. After a while his friends’ mothers became his clients as well. His first pieces were found in the United States of America.

Angelo is a strong believer that something that comes from the past can be easily transformed and worn in the most modern and fashionable way ever existed.  His standards when picking up vintage pieces are high quality and approachable prices (except when it comes to really rare pieces- a tweed jacket designed and produced by Coco herself might be 4 times higher the actual value).

Angelo has created a huge place -or should I say a museum? he calls it a library- with more than 100.000 vintage treasures that are available for inspiration to designers, stylists and others. Also available for rental use or photo shootings.

When asked about his favorite decade, 1960s was it. He loves the mixture of styles, the revolution in clothing but also in fabrics, textiles and raw materials.

Two years ago he started this partnership with Mc Arthur Glen designer outlets, a fascinating journey to acknowledge the market of different countries.

To me Angelo was a true inspiration, not only for caring and introducing us the essence of the vintage world, but also for his passion for fashion and eternal style, the importance of heritage and the fundamental use of mixing & matching.

Vicky Kaya in a Chanel Vintage dress by A.N.G.E.L.O, Chanel bag and Alaia thigh-high boots.

Special thanks to Katerina Papageorgiadi, Marina Zamzara and for having me there! Such a great honor!