Text: Maria Meintani

“The smell of a freshly printed book is the best smell in the world” said Karl Lagerfeld and most of us could not agree more. The brilliant couturier has managed to take us by surprise once again. Imagine opening a thick, old-looking book just to find that there is a bottle of a heavenly smelling perfume inside it. Dreamy? Not anymore. Kaiser and Wallpaper* joined forces to create that fashion forward “construction” called “Paper passion”.

The whole concept behind the perfume, which includes osmanthus, copaiba balsam, amber accord, air accord, paper accord and musk notes, was inspired by German publisher Gerhard Steidl’s passion for the scent of a freshly printed book. The book that houses the perfume in a special cut-out page department, which was design by Lagerfeld himself, is totally real and you can also find some short stories about paper written by Karl Lagerfeld, Günter Grass, Geza Schoen and Tony Chambers in it.

“Beautiful paper is for me the top of luxury … I am a paper freak. It’s a physical passion. I cannot live without paper. Touching perfect paper has something sensuous about it.” Reading his words, we can now see why he wanted to literally capture that smell in a bottle. So back off “Chanel No5”, “Paper passion” has come to take over our sophisticated little nostrils!

Paper Passion is available online ( for approximately $98