Do It Like Marilyn

Text: Maria Meintani

We all know who used to be the synonym for femininity some decades ago, don’t we? Marilyn Monroe that is. And who is the ultimate female beauty friend nowadays? That’s right, Mac Cosmetics. So, what happens when those two get together? Perfection. This is the word that can pretty much describe the new, limited collection of MAC, called “Marilyn Monroe beauty”.

The series consists of several eye shadows, nail lacquers and eye-liners. There is also a shimmering face powder called “Beauty powder forever Marilyn”, an extremely intense black mascara “False lashes extreme black” and, of course, Marilyn’s trademark, lipsticks in bold, vivid colours –“Scarlet Ibis” is really close to the bright red one the ultimate blonde used to wear.
Take a look at the special packages, featuring imagery from “The Black Sitting”:

So… would you like to have a piece of Marilyn’s beauty placed on your boudoir? Then hurry up already, this collection is a real must-have!

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