On the spot: Scarfs

Text: Vasia Chrysanthopoulou

Tailoring is one of fashion’s cornerstones, and given its perennial presence on the catwalk and the fact it’s so wonderfully appropriate for work and as well as other more formal occasions, it would be hard to find someone whose wardrobe doesn’t contain a neat little jacket or two.
However, a new entry that can complete a totally feminine/virile appearance is the mysterious, but still timeless, silk scarf.

From famous actresses like Natalie Wood and Audrey Hepburn, who defended the scarf rules, until the tycoons of catwalks nowadays, silk scarf hasn’t stopped to consist a reference of sophisticated femininity.

Although Miu Miu and Celine indicate how to combine an oversized coat or a perfect suit with a tie-scarf, Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy presented boys jackets with peplums, embellished tops with silk pants and many leather suggestions, like a second-skin turtleneck dress. All of them were paired with wonderful knee-high boots and scarfs wrapped around the neck.

Givenchy & Celine

On the other hand, many priestesses of style give another dimension. So, Giovanna Battaglia appeared in Paris fashion week with a comfortable grey dress and a colourful chunky scarf around her neck.

What to buy:

Diane von Furstenber & Givenchy

Julien David & Emilio Pucci

British Designer Nicola de Main collaborates with Nivea and creates, alongside with two new Nivea Soft packages, a series of collectible scarfs decorated with her typical romantic prints: Fantasy colors, butterflies and flowers!