Décoratrice: Bread Galleries

Text: Antriana Paraskevopoulou

Bread is one of the oldest prepared food and a staple element in Mediterranean nutrition. In the past, kneading bread was a daily, simple process. Nowadays, it is considered as a form of art and this explains why bakeries use the design to present their upper profile.

I found some of the coolest bakeries from all over the world and I present them in very “delicious” photographs!

In Greece, the art of the designer bakeries comes from Blé Bakery on Agias Sofias  Str. in Thessaloniki.

Blé Bakery has the world’s largest wood-fired oven, at 12 meters tall, in the shape of a volcano. The oven, which is visible from the big window, attracts the customers with the idea of home-made food.

The bakery is built of white clay brought from both Crete and Milos island, that was mixed with sand and straw and it was designed by the famous architects of  “Claudio Silvestrin Giuliana Salmaso” studio.

Blé’s three floors building houses a patisserie, a bakery, a delicatessen and a wine & mozzarella bar.

Another great bakery –in northern Greece this time and especially, in Ethessa– is called “Hlektra”. This store is a prototype redesign of the family-run bakery chain’s stores. It was designed by the Studioprototype and it was a pilot project.

The shop is small –only 35 square meters– but it is located in a strategic place of the city; a busy pedestrian street.

In Italy there is a bakery “full of drama”. And here is the evidence.

VyTA Boulangerie, designed by architect Daniela Colli, is located at the epicentre of busy urban life, at the Porta Nuova train station in Turin.

With its contrasting light oak and black polymer surfaces this bakery resembles a fashion boutique.


In Melbourne, Australia, the bakery of the bread-artist Daniel Chirico is decorated with a light-colored wood, in a very special way.

Chirico’s trendsetting bakery in Australia was designed by the architectural studio ”March”.

Are you feeling hungry already? To be continued…