Hints of surrealism

Text: Irene Gkoufa

Dresses with strange motives, bags with lips and accessories inspired
by surrealism are some of the pieces we saw in fall-winter 2012 collections.

Diane von Furstenberg

Surrealism is not a poetic form. It is a cry of the mind turning back on itself , and it is determined to break apart its fetters, even if it must be by material hammers. Bureau de Recherches Surrealists, 15 Rue de Grenelle.Dali and the others surrealists never would have imagined that their creations would someday become fashion items seen on the runways. This year in New York fashion week for Autumn-Winter 2012 a surreal vein is running through fashion as seen at Diane von Furstenberg, Charlotte Olympia and Diane Kordas


Charlotte Olympia bags and slippers

Diane Kordas ring

Borsalino hat

Delfina Delettrez rings


Photos: net-a-porter.com, thestylecure.com, dianevonfurstenberg.com