ARCHITECTURE: Designed by…Brad Pitt

“Shall I put the Brad Pitt coffee table in front of the Le Corbusier sofa?” In case you were certain that these words would never come out of your mouth, the heartthrob actor comes to prove you wrong.

Text: Mary Giatra

Oscar-nominated actor, father, humanitarian and sexiest man alive: Brad Pitt obviously cannot get enough. He adds the title “furniture designer” to his amazing resume and leaves us all speechless. A series of tables, chairs and beds which he designed in collaboration with furniture designer Frank Pollaro are being showcased in New York next week.

The gorgeous and very talented actor, is known for his interest in architecture and the fact that he discovered the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the most important American architects of all times, in college .

“I discovered Wright in college, when looking for a lazy two-point credit to get out of French. It forever changed my life.” BRAD PITT

Besides, his Make It Right foundation has been joining forces with renowned architects in order to design affordable housing in New Orleans after Katrina, and Pitt had always been a part of the process.

The collection will be available in limited numbered and very pricey editions, but there is a chance that it may be adapted for less costly, mass production after a while.