Eyes That Kill

Text: Dirty Curl

The product that I never forget to wear before I go out is my concealer. My Mediterranean origin endowed me with black circles under my eyes. I also declare that I am just one of those people who don’t sleep a lot. (What a shame!)

I have been looking long enough for the perfect concealer. After many years of personal research I have arrived at one conclusion.

The right product can make a difference, but many right products together make a huge difference on your skin.

Any concealer gets better applied in a smoother and more hydrated skin.

My every-night-before-i-go-to-bed ritual includes the NIVEA Q10 eye crème.

Just a few drops under my eyes, with a gentle and quick massage are enough to give me younger looking eyes.

So, the next morning all I have to do with my eye make is the concealer.

Lately, I discovered the PRODIGY POWERCELL EYE URGENCY by Helena Rubinstein. It offers dual anti-shadow action, on the surface and deep within the skin cells.


I complete the eye look with professional volume mascara, Black Volcanic Minerals by KORRES.


You could not ask for more.