Text: Evmorfia Savvaidi

Books are journeys. Books are knowledge. Books are my obsession. Like a bookworm, it would be totally unacceptable not to dedicate an Οbsession post to my favorite books, still not exactly as you would expect.

Michelle Williams unfolds her voyaging instincts, starring in Wild Nothing’s video for Paradise. Her Paradise? Niagara falls! Also, the song features Michelle reading an excerpt from Iris Murdoch’s book ‘A Word Child’.

I watched the Shawshank Redemption, a film dated back in the 1990s.
Andy Dufresne was a tall, clumsy man, yet with an innate grace.
He created a bookcase while in prison and helped other prisoners to get better themselves.
In 1966 Andy escaped! He headed for the Pacific.
After all, he was free and (always) innocent!


Timeless books are transforming into it-clutches by Olympia Le – Tan.
Greek readers can read more about them here.


An aspired writer should own a similar notebook and fill it with ideas that will change the world. Don’t forget to share your ideas, though!

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A fashion writer probably reads mainly fashion books, or at least she is fond of reading fashion books. Well, not always! In fact, I’m obsessed with crime, thriller and psychological novels. Just to write down a few favorites:

Still Missing by Chevy Stevens

Never Knowing by Chevy Stevens

Before I Go To Sleep by S.W. Watson

Think Of A Number
by John Verdon

Blue Monday
by Nicci French

Now, it’s Coco Chanel bio time! Or maybe not.