DirtyCurl: Hair Treatments

From summer to winter with super hair

Text: DirtyCurl

I really enjoy the “summerish” sunny days in November but summer has left me with damaged and dull hair!

We all want thicker, shinier and more luxurious looking hair. If you think this is difficult and expensive look below for the ultimate tips in order to reconstruct your hair .

– Cut off your split ends.

– Have a deep conditioning treatment. Moroccan oil repair kit guarantees healthier hair with 4 products in a magic kit!

Moroccan Oil Repair Shampoo, Conditioner, Mask, Oil.

(I love the kit bag!)


-Brush your hair really gently. Use a brush with natural bristles or gummtagger.

-Do not over wash your hair.
Shampooing everyday makes your hair and your scalp dry.

-Reduce hair styling with any product for some days and just go natural.

-Do the same with the hairdryer but if this is not possible just try to reduce the heat.

– For internal hair care, your diet should be balanced, include Omega3 fatty acids in your nutrition. Do not forget to drink plenty of water!

If you follow and adopt some of these tips you’ll see instant results!