Dollidays by Andrew Yang for Lancôme

Text: Pavlos Satsidis

Young designer Andrew Yang started his career in fashion industry while he was
still in high school, working as a costume designer at the Salt Lake City Opera House.
In 2008 he made his first collection of “Kouklitas”, a word inspired by the Greek
word “koukles” which means dolls, made from musseline trimmings. It was the new
trend for every Asian fashionista.

His brand new collection for Lancôme, entitled “Dollidays”, includes three dolls
and every one of them has its own unique and exquisite personality. Firstly,
Alyssa is the Porcelain Doll with the long black mane and the opal expression. Her
outfit includes an ultra-chic white dress with an XXL Lancôme rose at the waist.
Isabelle is the Golden Doll. She is the glamorous one with her golden corset dress
adorned with a Lancôme rose at the hip and her brown hair tied in a pseudo-
romantic chignon. Camille is the Star doll and she just shines bright like a diamond.
Her signature outfit includes an über-couture red fur and a Lancôme rose on her
shoulder. Despite their individuality, these dolls share two features a gold-sequined
jacket – a festive nod to Lancôme’s Christmas make-up collection “Happy Holidays”,
infused with shimmering gold – and the Lancôme rose, revisited as a fashion

Which one would it be? Alyssa, Isabelle or Camille?