M.E & James Bond in the City

Text: Marina Zamzara, Eleni Fotopoulou

Yes, of course we got jealous of Tonia Sotiropoulou. She is fabulous, she is more than gorgeous, and she is one of the Bond girls at Skyfall! So we decided to follow her lead and we turned into Bond Girls for a whole week. We found places in our city that our beloved man would very much appreciate and we visited them for your eyes only!

First stop

Car Museum: Two years ago the Greek Car Museum was created by the Charagionis Family and it hosts the most historic and beautiful cars. You can see old, impressing cars, like antique Ferraris. James spotted a wonderful Aston Martin there for our strolls in Athens!   

Car Museum, Ioulianou 33-35 & Patission, Athens


Second stop

Christakis: After the car choice, James asked for the best tailor in Athens – a fine gentleman wears only sur mesure suits and shirts.
So we took him to ”Χριστάκης” or Christakis in English, the oldest tailor in the city. Mr. Triandafillidis takes care of the stylish men of Athens since 1947. He makes shirts for all kind of people: politicians, diplomats, businessmen; the most emblematic men in Greek history have visited his store at Kolonaki. Mr. Triandafillidis himself is very elegant with a sense of nobly that one can see only in elder people.

Christakis, Kriezotou 14, Kolonaki


Last stop

Bardot bar: At the centre of Athens, one of the loveliest bars, the Bardot is best known for its cocktails –most of them based on molecular recipes- and its great music. Jazz, soul and funk compose Bardot’s soundtrack. Just exactly what James is fond of!

Bardot, Skoufa 50, Kolonaki