Memoirs of a Bond Girl!

Got the license to kill and you know I am going straight for your heart! You’re quite right on that one Gladys! (aka Gladys Knight)

Photo: Mara Desyrpis

That is exactly what a Bond girl does! She goes straight to the point! Dynamic, fearless, sexy, driven and drop dead gorgeous!
There have been so many wonderful, talented women like Ursula Andress,
Jane Seymour, Caroline Bouquet, Kim Basinger, Grace Jones, Halle Berry and recently my friend and beautiful model Olga Kurylenko!
Each one of these women represent something different and yet so similar! Iconic and mesmerizing, always reminding us that there is nothing we can NOT do!

Photo: Katerina Marianou

┬áI had the chance to pose as Bond girl a few times in my career. How cool, right? The privileges of having served as a model! You get to become anything the photographer demands. You change concepts, you become a different persona each time and… boy it’s so much fun!!!

Here are some of my James bond photos from the past.

Hope you like them!


Photo: Thanassis Kalogiannis

Photo: Cutayar

Photo: Katerina Tsatsanis

Photo: Christos Karantzolas