Agenda 1_7 November

Text: Mary Giatra

Mr. 007 has our utmost attention and this week’s agenda is all about him. Although the entire film festival at Thessaloniki could not be featured in this post, the James Bond premiere, special editions and archives have gained a place in our hearts. It is a 007 week after all…


James Bond’s new movie, is not just the 23rd of a very successful series. This movie also marks 50 years time since we first saw the dashing Brit agent and his adventures. Ian Fleming’s legendary hero, is cinema’s most eligible bachelor and he celebrates it today, November 1st with the premiere of Skyfall. In this film, Bond’s loyalty to M is tested as her past comes back and she
can’t escape it. The agency comes under attack and 007 has to find the threat and destroy it, no matter the personal cost. Don’t miss it!


The most charming secret agent in the history of cinema has been thrilling audiences worldwide since 1962. Author Ian Fleming created an impeccably British character that has starred in 23 films, been played by six different actors and has gained a loyal audience around the globe. To celebrate one of the most successful franchises in the history of cinema, the production company opened their precious archives. As a result we have the most complete account of the making of the series, covering every James Bond Film ever made. Stunning photography and artwork accompanied by an oral history and recounted by over 150 members of cast and crew. This book is definitely a tribute to the legend of 007.

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Half a century of 007 in a box! An incredible collection of 22 Bond movies on Blue-ray has been produce for the fans around the world. Impressive extras, special features and exclusive unreleased material from the adventures of the charming agent are here, “for your eyes only”. More specifically, the box-set contains not only the movies in high quality and the actors’ commentary, bit also includes an amazing tour to exotic locations, Bond’s girls, the villains, the 007 cars and gadgets, music videos and more. It is the absolute collection of Bond. James Bond.

Explore five decades of 007 here.


The film festival of Thessaloniki has remained loyal to it’s established appointment with cinephiles for 53 consequent years. This year the cinema celebration will take place from November 2nd to November 11th, having a fresh start and giving most of its attention to independent productions. The beautiful city of Thessaloniki is once again being transformed to a place that warmly celebrates the Seventh Art with many international films, cinematic surprises,
significant guests, master classes, discussions and other side events. Let’s celebrate cinema, starting tomorrow!

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